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What types of materials can the vertical machining center cut?
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What types of materials can the vertical machining center cut?

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In today’s manufacturing environment, the vertical machining center is one of the most common types of machinery. This versatile machine offers the ability to cut a variety of materials with precision and accuracy. With the right tooling, a vertical machining center is capable of cutting tough materials such as steel, hardened steel, and titanium, as well as softer materials such as aluminum, plastic, and wood.

  • Aluminum

  • Steel

  • Copper

  • Plastic

  • Wood


Aluminum is one of the most popular materials a vertical machining center can cut. It is lightweight, malleable, and strong, making it ideal for many industrial applications. Aluminum can be machined with a variety of tooling, from high-speed steel to carbide, and can be cut using a variety of techniques, from conventional milling to high-speed machining. Since it is non-ferrous, aluminum can be easily machined without damaging other materials, making it a great choice for multi-material projects.


Steel is one of the most common materials used for vertical machining centers. Steel is a strong and reliable material that is resistant to wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for a variety of machining tasks. Steel is also easy to cut, and can be machined to a high degree of accuracy. The durability and strength of steel also make it a great choice for fabricating parts that will be used in high-stress environments or exposed to extreme temperatures.


Copper is a great material to use on a vertical machining center. It is a great conductor of electricity and heat, making it the perfect choice for electronic components. It can also be machined to a very fine tolerance, making it ideal for precision parts. Copper is also pliable and ductile, making it easy to shape and form into complex shapes. The copper also has a low coefficient of friction and high thermal conductivity, making it perfect for cutting intricate designs.


Plastic is a popular material choice for many machining projects. It is lightweight and cost-effective, making it a great option for products that won’t require a lot of strength or durability. Vertical machining centers can quickly and accurately cut a variety of plastic materials, including ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, acrylic, and PET-G. When cutting plastic, the correct tooling, speeds, and feeds must be chosen to ensure a smooth and precise cut, as well as to avoid any chipping or melting of the plastic material.


Wood is a classic material that fits perfectly with a vertical machining center. With the right tools, a VMC can easily cut through a variety of types of wood, from soft woods like pine to hardwoods like walnut. With a VMC’s precision, you can cut intricate shapes or make smooth curves with ease. You can also use a VMC to create thin, intricate cuts that would be impossible with a hand saw. Additionally, a VMC can help you create parts with high accuracy and repeatability, which is ideal for creating furniture, musical instruments, and other wood products.

A vertical machining center is an incredibly versatile and powerful machine that can cut a wide variety of materials, from steel, aluminum, and plastic to brass, copper, titanium, and more. The cutting performance of Huadong's products is very good, welcome to buy.




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