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What is the composition of CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine?
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What is the composition of CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine?

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CNC cylindrical grinding machines are used to accurately shape and finish components across a wide variety of industries. To ensure that the machines operate accurately and efficiently, it is important to have a basic understanding of the various components that make up a CNC cylindrical grinding machine.

  • Grinding wheel

  • Spindle

  • Coolant system

  • Work head

Grinding wheel

The grinding wheel is one of the most important parts of a CNC cylindrical grinding machine. It is the rotating abrasive wheel that produces the grinding action that shapes and removes material from the workpiece. The grinding wheel consists of three parts: the abrasive grain, bond material, and the pore structure. The abrasive grain is the cutting material, typically a form of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide. The bond material holds the abrasive particles together and provides a porous structure that allows coolant to flow through the wheel. The pore structure determines the cutting rate, the wheel's ability to hold its shape, and the wheel's life. The choice of the grinding wheel depends on the material of the workpiece, the desired surface finish, and the job size.


The spindle is the component of a CNC cylindrical grinding machine that rotates the grinding wheel. It is driven by a motor and its speed can be adjusted to suit the grinding operation. The spindle is typically housed in a spindle housing and its design will depend on the machine's manufacturer. It is usually made from high-grade steel and is designed to withstand the extreme forces generated by the grinding process. The spindle is the workhorse of the CNC cylindrical grinding machine, and it is essential to its proper functioning.

Coolant system

The coolant system is one of the most important parts of a CNC cylindrical grinding machine. It helps keep the machine lubricated and cool during extended periods of operation, allowing for more consistent grinding results. The coolant system is composed of a series of pumps, hoses, and tanks that circulate a coolant liquid around the machine. The coolant is filtered to remove debris and contaminants, and can be supplemented with lubricants or other additives to further improve performance. The coolant system is also important for collecting and disposing of excess grindings, ensuring that the machine operates safely.

Work head

The fourth part of a CNC cylindrical grinding machine is the work head. This is the part that holds and rotates the workpiece. The work head can be adjusted to rotate at various speeds and in various directions, allowing for precise control over the grinding process. It also allows for the variation of the grinding angle, as well as the ability to move the workpiece against the grinding wheel. The work head is typically motor-driven, and is the most important part of the CNC grinding machine, as it determines the accuracy and precision of the grinding operation.

CNC cylindrical grinding machines are a versatile tool that can produce very precise and accurate parts. For more composition, welcome to consult Huadong.




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