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Working principle of a surface grinding machine
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Working principle of a surface grinding machine

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Surface grinding machines are used to obtain a smooth finish on flat surfaces. They are widely used in metal fabrication shops and in machine shops. They use a rotating abrasive wheel to remove material, creating a smooth and even surface. This process can be done to various shapes and sizes of metal pieces, as well as other materials such as plastics and wood.

  • Overview of the machine

  • Types of grinding wheels

  • Feeding system of the grinding wheel

  • Working principle of the grinding wheel

Overview of the machine

A surface grinding machine is a machine tool used to provide precision ground surfaces, either to a critical size or for the surface finish. The typical precision of a surface grinding machine is 0.00002mm. It has an abrasive wheel that rotates at high speed and it is fed against the workpiece to provide a smooth, high-precision finish. The grinding wheel is usually caked with an abrasive material such as aluminum oxide, diamond, or silicon carbide. The grinding wheel is mounted on a spindle and is rotated at high speed by an electric motor. The workpiece is held firmly in place on a table and is fed against the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel removes material from the workpiece in the form of small chips, which are then carried away by the coolant.

Types of grinding wheels

There are two types of grinding wheels used in surface grinding machines: vitrified and resinoid. Vitrified grinding wheels are created from a combination of clay and other materials. This type of wheel is rigid and durable and provides a high level of accuracy and surface finish. Resinoid grinding wheels are made from a mixture of resin and other fillers, which are then bonded with a curing agent. This type of wheel is softer than vitrified grinding wheels, providing less durability, but is able to grind harder materials with a higher degree of accuracy and finish.

Feeding system of the grinding wheel

The feeding system of a surface grinding machine is an essential part of its operation. It is responsible for taking a workpiece and pushing it against the grinding wheel. This process is done by means of a feeder arm, which is connected to the machine's power source. The feeder's arm is typically made up of a variety of components, such as a motor, belt drive, linear guide, and bearings. Each part works together to provide a smooth and accurate feed rate for the workpiece. It is important to regularly inspect and maintain these components to ensure the machine's consistent performance.

Working principle of the grinding wheel

The working principle of a surface grinding machine is based on the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel is composed of abrasive grains that are held together by a bonding material. As the grinding wheel rotates, the abrasive grains remove material from the workpiece, resulting in a smooth surface finish. The grinding wheel is usually mounted on a spindle, which is a rotating shaft that is powered by an external motor. The spindle rotates the abrasive wheel at a certain speed which determines the rate of material removal from the workpiece. The cutting speed and feed rate of the grinding wheel can also be adjusted to control the rate of material removal.

A surface grinding machine is an effective tool for producing precision ground surfaces. Weihai Huadong Automation Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Weihai.




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