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Warm Celebration Of HDCNC Housewarming
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Warm Celebration Of HDCNC Housewarming

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   Take advantage of the wind on eight sides, in response to the expectations of all people, auspicious snow signs a bumper year! 


    At 9:58 on December 17, 2022 (November 24 of the lunar calendar),  the housewarming ceremony of HDCNC  was held at new factory.Mr Henry Wang, the general manager, presided over the celebration ceremony and, on behalf of the major shareholders, Secretary Chen of Weigao Group, Chairman ChenLin and Chairman Lian, warmly congratulated HDCNC housewarming  and wish the future of HDCNC more brilliantly.

   HDCNC was Founded in 2002 and specializes in serving the needs of its customers in the machine tools industry.From our early model cylindrical grinders to the latest ,most advanced range of CNC euquipment in grinding ,milling,and turning machines,especially high precision grinding machine series which has reached international advanced level.We continue to offer top-quality machinery at competitive prices with superior service and support to our customers.

   Our mission is to promote the development of the industry, revitalize the national industry, create people-oriented value; Our core value is to focus on excellence.Our enterprise spirit is Pragmatic, Honest,Innovative, Beyond.

    New factories, new opportunities, new development. Today is an important milestone in the development process of HDCNC. The new factory is also a new platform for HDCNC to set sail. It is an important mark for all employees to forge ahead and move towards victory. It is a new starting line to refine and strengthen.                                                        





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