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Recommended accessories for a turret mill
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Recommended accessories for a turret mill

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Turret mills are powerful and versatile tools that are used in a variety of industries. With the right accessories, turret mills can be used for a wide range of applications.

  • Digital readouts

  • Collet sets

  • Clamping kits

  • Auto-feed systems

  • Work holding fixtures

Digital readouts

For a turret mill, one of the recommended accessories is digital readouts. Digital readouts use sensors to measure the exact location of the milling machine’s cutting tool, providing extremely precise measurements. This is especially useful for repeatable operations where accuracy is of the utmost importance. Digital readouts are also useful for intricate parts that require very fine adjustments. They can help the operator more quickly and efficiently complete their work. Digital readouts are an invaluable tool for anyone using a turret mill.

Collet sets

The second essential accessory to invest in for a turret mill is a collet set. Collets come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are used to securely hold small round tools such as end mills, drill bits, and reamers. The advantage of using collets is that they can provide an extremely precise fit for the tool, allowing for greater accuracy and precision in your machining operations. A good quality set will last for many years and can save you from having to purchase a variety of individual tools.

Clamping kits

A turret mill is an incredibly useful tool, but you will need the right accessories to make the most of it. One of the most important accessories you should get is a clamping kit. This kit contains a variety of different types and sizes of clamps, so you can secure your workpiece firmly to the milling table. It also comes with a selection of work-holding fixtures, such as drill bushings and angle plates, so you can easily and accurately align your workpiece to the spindle. The clamps and fixtures in the kit are designed to fit into the T-slots on the milling table, making them easy to install and remove when needed.

Auto-feed systems

For those seeking to maximize efficiency and accuracy with their turret mill, an auto-feed system is an ideal accessory. This system ensures that material is fed into the machine at a consistent rate, allowing for precise cuts and greater efficiency. Auto-feed systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations, with features such as variable speed and automatic disengagement for tooling changes. The system also helps eliminate manual handling of materials, reducing the risk of injury. All in all, this is an essential accessory for any serious turret mill operator.

Work holding fixtures

Work holding fixtures are essential when running a turret mill. They securely hold the job in place and provide support for the cutting tool, which helps reduce vibration and chatter. The most common types of work holding fixtures are vise, clamps, and fixtures with T-slots. Additionally, for more complex jobs, rotary fixtures, special fixtures, and multi-axis fixtures can be used. It is important to ensure that the work holding fixtures are compatible with the turret mill and the job being machined.




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